Properties rental and sale

Properties rental and sale



We will sell your propierty with the best condiotions and the minimum possible time.

– Our agent will guide you on the whole sell process. We will start with a free visit to your propierty to find out the real market price.
– We will review  all documnetation and assest you about all relevant legal issues that could apply.
– Price and sale stragy will be defined toghether with you.
– Your property will be promoted by us, in our own web site but also in the main real state web portals.
– We will be next to you on the whole process, offering you legal advice form our legal department  as necessary.
– We will prepare all legal documents and contracts, and will coordinate with the public notary to register the sell. We will take care all documents are ready for the due date in order to get all transactions be done without issues.



Rent your your property with us and maximize you yield with all the warranties: We will arrange for you the rental with reliable tenants.

– Our professional staff, wills assest you in the process. We will determine, toghether with you, the price and the rental terms, and will support you to provide all documenation required from you as a owner.
– We will promote your property on our own web as well as on the main real state web portals.
– You will count with the legal assestment of our legal department during the whole process.
– We will help you with all the formalities with the utilities suppliers: water, electricity, gas.
– Rental inssurance can be arranged in order to cover the income of the rental fees, as well as costs related to claims or damages that could happen in your property.
– We rercomend you our Rental Management Service, with it we will intermediate and deal with your tenant in behalve of you. We take care of everything and you’ll get a hassle free rental.