We help you to simplify your property management. An we do it by an integral management, flexible and transparent to you.

A personal agent will take care of everything that involves your property management. The agent will coordinate the teams: administration, legal, antechnical, in order to have ready all you could need.

– Total Transparency
We will provide all economic related data in a clear way and in real time.
– Agility
We are ready to give you response at any moment when you face any incident or rapairs that could come up
– Save
You will see your maintenance costs reduced
– Comunication
We can mediate with other owners, or lessees, we take care of the living atmosphere of the neighborhood
– Assestment
• We organize for you the constitution as a Comunity, and develope your Internal regulations

• Accounting management

• We provide you the economical statements.

• We prepare and present you the forecasted budget.

• Help with the defaulters, to achieve the pauyment due

• Safe-keeping service for all document related to your property: Contracts, accounting, legal.

• We organize the assembly announcements, we can manage the meetings, and write and distrubute the minutes.